Conventional Dust Collector Filter Bags

air-cdcfb-01Conventional filter bags used in Bag houses (Dust Collector Systems) are manufactured as per customer specifications in a wide range of fabrics depending upon the type of dust and other dust parameters. The fabrics are non-woven needle felt fabrics.

Filter Fabrics:

  • Polyester (PES): For dry conditions up to 130˚ C
  • Polypropylene (PP): For moist conditions up to 90˚ C
  • Acrylic (PAN): For moist conditions up to 130˚ C
  • Aramid/Nomex (AR): For applications up to 200˚ C
  • Ryton (PPS): For applications up to 160˚ C
  • Polymide/P84 (PI): For high temperature applications between 200˚ C & 220˚ C
  • Teflon (PTFE): For hot gas filtration up to 250˚ C
  • Woven Glass Fiber: For hot gas filtration up to 275˚ C

Special Coatings:

  • Moisture & Oil Repellent Coating
  • Anti-Static Coating
  • Other Special Coating s available on request depending on the application

Bag Designs:

  • Snap Ring Type
  • Collar Type
  • Clamp Type
  • Cassette Type
  • Rope Type
  • Bags for Shaker Type Application
  • Custom made designs also available