Water ATM


Automatic Dispensing Unit (ADU)

  • Consumers can get water anytime (24×7) without the presence of an operator
  • Automatic prepaid card based dispensing system for quick & easy access to purified drinking water
  • Fool proof system to eliminate theft of water and money collected
  • Flexible recharge options to consumers
  • Enterprise can manage and analyse revenues from water sales via AWACS software


Card Recharge Unit (CRU)

  • CRU will be used for
    • Recharging Cards
    • Initialize cards for the OEM
    • Verify the balance on the card
  • CRU captures all recharge information in its internal memory
  • Information in CRU can be downloaded and managed by using a PC based software called AWACS

Water Cards


  • RFID card of an OEM used for fetching water anytime from an ADU
  • Cards issued to customer are uniquely identifiable and they are tamper proof
  • Card stores balance in the form of liters
  • Balance on card will be updated after every valid use at the OEMs DU

AWACS Software

  • AWACS – software for downloading and managing sales data from CRU
  • Options
    • Read/update sale price
    • Download sales data
    • Maintain customer information
    • Reports
  • Customer details installation wise
  • Water sales installation wise
  • Month wise